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Hi we need to sort out what trees to decorate for dress up your tree day(early december).


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Open evening provided an opportunity for visitors to the school to see some of the progress made towards developing a fruit orchard at BBEC. A group of Y8 students had been able to revisit the orchard at Whittingham to see the trees in fruit and to gather a range of different apples to produce a display highlighting the range. Further examples of the wide range of apple varieties grown locally were provided by fruits brought into school for identification by both staff and students.

If you know of an older tree, bring three good examples with stalks into school clearly labelled with your name, place, approx age of tree (if known) and whether it is used for cooking or eating or both. At school we will then be given help to discover more about these local trees, which in turn will help us to decide the fruits that will make up the school orchard.

National Apple Day is on Thursday October 21st and this week at school we shall be making sure that the whole school is brought up to date with the Fruit-full School Project. Events during the week will include quizzes, and inter- tutor group competitions culminating in the final of a longest peel competition on Friday, together with apple bobbing, tasting and juicing. We are very grateful to the PTA who recently made it possible for us to have our own apple press in time for this celebration.

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The Journey Begins!

We’re off! Our four years taking part in Fruitfull Schools has begun. Mr Lockton, the man who runs Fruitfull Schools, visited BBEC to present a year seven assembly. He gave us another way to look at what seemed like ‘just an apple’, and even offered twenty-four volunteers to taste the difference between three apple juices. Myself and GeeGee were chosen, and everyone would agree, all the apples are so unique. Year sevens were now stocked up with information about apples and Whittingham Orchards.

Fourty-eight lucky pupils were given the chance of a trip to Whittingham Orchards. Pupils who went said that it was interesting to learn more about the different apple trees and exciting to know that BBEC was one of the schools that had won the competition.

BBEC media club will keep updating the Fruitfull Schools blog. 

By Lollipop

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NEW trees coming soon

Hopefully in the not-so distant future BBEC will be recieving apple trees to be planted around the school grounds. Pupils at school will be able to design orchards that they think will best suit the school grounds. The designs will then be judged at school and our winner will be sent off to be profesionally jugded. Also today (22nd October) it was our apple day, the national apple day was yesterday (21st October), so there were activities dotted around for example: apple bobbing; apple juicing and apple tasting. This is another thing we have to do to become a “Fruitfull school”!

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